A Step Away

A Step Away

Heaven or Hell? Where does a just God draw the line?

The story that inspired this image…

People have asked me, “If God is so loving and kind, why would He allow some people to go to Heaven while letting others go to Hell?”

I respond by saying that God does not have a scoring system for rating “when good is good enough to go to Heaven” and “when bad is bad enough to go to Hell.” God knows that we all fall short of the standard created by His Holy (perfect, flawless) nature. So, rather than thinking in terms of “good enough” and “bad enough,” think about a wall of separation caused by our sinful (flawed) nature being “incompatible” with God’s holiness . . . as we choose to go our way instead of His.

Jesus is, so to speak, God’s line in the sand. Those who seek to follow the light of His way will stand in eternity with Him. Those who prefer the darkness of the world’s way will not. Although God wants an eternal relationship with everyone, He only makes the offer. We must make the choice!

In “A Step Away,” Michael explores the divide that can exist between God and man along with Jesus’ instructions on how we can acquire immediate access to God!

John 17:20-26
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