Watch Your Step

Michael provides a view of how to manage the process of life while staying true to its purpose and the stumbling blocks that can trip

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In “Compassion,” Michael uses the famous story of the “Woman at the Well” to explore the dangers of judging others especially when you haven’t “walked

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As for Others

“As for Others” ventures into Jesus’ teachings on the “Parable of the Sheep & the Goats” — those He calls “righteous and unrighteous” and what

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Supernatural Peace

Michael uses a quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book, “Gift from the Sea,” to help explain the way to peace by learning to be content

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Rest for the Weary

In “Rest for the Weary,” Michael uses the events of his career to explain Jesus’ teachings and what He offers to us when we grow

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In “Quandary,” Jesus has a conversation with a rich young ruler and challenges him over the issue that will keep him from achieving his dream.

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Life Savior

In “Life Savior,” Michael explores Jesus’ teachings on how to keep from drowning in life when we “get in over our heads!” The story that

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You Feed Them

“You Feed Them” explores the brilliance of God’s plan to provide for the world’s needs through a cleverly simple plan. The story that inspired this

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Holy Abundance

Michael uses powerful imagery to illustrate God’s plan to provide for the world, showing that God has not left the world lacking in abundance, though

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Daily Bread

In “Daily Bread,” Michael focuses on a portion of the “Lord’s Prayer” and how understanding Jesus’ teaching on it can change our lives. The story

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May these images and messages facilitate an encounter between you and the Messiah today.