Can’t Take it With You

Michael delves into Jesus’ teachings on money and possessions, the sin of hoarding them and how to invest them safely in your future. The story

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Without a Doubt

“Without a Doubt” explores the factual evidence for Jesus and why it separates Christians from the beliefs of other religions on the evidence alone! The

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In “Vacancy,” Michael presents a barbaric instrument of execution to explore what is available to us when we “check in” at the cross of Jesus.

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The Promise

In “The Promise,” Michael explores Jesus’ glorious promise to us when the world comes to an end as we know it! The story that inspired

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Are you really saved? How do you know?”Salvation” explores the indications of salvation — its promises and misunderstandings and what it truly means to “be

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In one of the most moving films in the series, “Passover” reveals a beautiful Old Testament story of captivity as how it foretells the meaning

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End of the Road

Michael provides an uplifting explanation of “Eternity” and why the end of the road (the end of life), doesn’t have to be the end! The

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Gone Astray

Michael teams up with the prophet Isaiah to show how sheep can help us understand that the “green grass” we seek is usually where it’s

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Faith and Trust

A story about a man, a wheelbarrow and a rope across a canyon illustrates the Biblical meaning of “faith and trust” and how we can

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Lighten the Load

In “Lighten the Load,” Michael “unpacks” Jesus’ instructions about the amount of “baggage” we gather in life and what to do when life’s baggage is

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May these images and messages facilitate an encounter between you and the Messiah today.