Daily Bread

Daily Bread

How to live today, secure in tomorrow!

In “Daily Bread,” Michael focuses on a portion of the “Lord’s Prayer” and how understanding Jesus’ teaching on it can change our lives.

The story that inspired this image…

As the stock markets crashed in the fall of 2008, I panicked as I saw my life savings evaporate before my eyes. Almost half of everything I had counted on for the future was gone.

In the days just before this catastrophic financial collapse began, I studied the scripture that we now refer to as The Lord’s Prayer. Of the six sections of the prayer –the first three to the honor of God and the second three for the needs of man – the fourth part is “Give us day by day the bread we need.”

It dawned on me that, despite the promises Jesus has made about God taking care of my needs, I do not trust Him for those needs on a day-by-day basis. Not only do I want my bread today, I want to know that I have tomorrow’s bread, today. And, I want to know that I have my “retirement bread” and lots of it!

Jesus tells us that worrying about tomorrow takes us away from today. He wants us to live now, in the present, in this moment, because it is the only place He can meet us to meet our needs. He cannot meet us in tomorrow, because tomorrow does not exist…and may not.

Life can, and will, be peaceful today when we surrender ourselves to His promise and stop worrying about tomorrow’s bread.

Matthew 6:11

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It dawned on me that I not only want my bread today, I want to know I also have tomorrow’s bread and my “retirement bread” as well!

Matthew 6:11
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