Life Savior

Life Savior

Swimming lesson for the spiritually inclined!

In “Life Savior,” Michael explores Jesus’ teachings on how to keep from drowning in life when we “get in over our heads!”

The story that inspired this image…

Many years ago, on a blustery day, I headed out for a late afternoon walk on our beautiful beach. As I approached the water, I heard the frantic cry of children. Without fully considering the situation, I leaped into the water and, within a split second, found myself fifty yards off shore caught in a riptide and staring into the desperate faces of three small boys and their fathers.

Rip tides are strong currents that can be deadly if you do not know the simple rule for getting out of them.

Isn’t that how life is? We go out for a quiet walk on life’s beautiful beach when disaster unexpectedly hits and we find ourselves in a circumstantial riptide and drowning in life’s trouble.

Like the riptide that allows you to escape by simply swimming parallel to the shore, there is a Life Savior always available to save us from the perils of this world. Not only can Jesus throw us a life saver when we get in over our heads, He offers free spiritual swimming lessons that will help keep us out of trouble to begin with. He is a life savor and our Ultimate Life Savior.

John 6:16-21

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What do you do when disaster unexpectedly hits and you find yourself in a circumstantial riptide, drowning in life’s trouble?

John 6:16-21
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