Can’t Take it With You – Poster


A spiritual lesson on “retained earnings.”

Read the story that inspired this image below.

This custom Giclée poster print (pronounced gee-klay) is printed with archival inks on age-resistant paper and is available in three (3) standard sizes. No custom framing necessary. Available in original sepia or full color.

Each print is individually custom printed and ships within five (5) days of your order.

The story that inspired this image…

At a news conference after the death of John D. Rockefeller, his attorney was asked how much money the wealthy industrialist had left. His response was, “He left it all.”

In the 39th Psalm, King David offers these words of wisdom, “Lord, remind me how brief my time on Earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered…(that) all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We heap up wealth not knowing who will spend it.” And, in the story of the rich man who planned to tear down his barns to build bigger ones to store his wealth, God called him a fool, saying that his life would betaken that night.

Jesus knew that money would be a stumbling block for everyone. That is why He talked more about money and possessions than He did of Heaven and Hell — never saying that money was evil, only that it could become the master you serve rather than the One whooffers the greatest gift of all.

Luke 12:16-21