Faith and Trust – Fine Art


Share your faith while enhancing your home or office. Our Fine Art images are custom printed on mould-made cotton rag paper with museum-quality archival inks. Each image is offered in three sizes and signed and numbered by the artist. Prices for each image have been pre-predetermined based on the remaining number of prints in the edition. Prices increase as the editions sell out. Available in original sepia or full color.

This image also available as budget-friendly Poster Print

The story that inspired this image…

A traveler, hiking through the wilderness, came to the edge ofa canyon. Seeking a way to the other side, he discovered a big rope stretched across the canyon. As his eyes followed the rope toward the other side, he was surprised to see a man coming toward him, confidently pushing a wheelbarrow. As he arrived, the traveler exclaimed, “That was truly amazing!”

The man with the wheelbarrow asked, “Do you believe that I can do it again?”

“Oh, of course,” the traveler replied. “You walked across with such confidence.”

“Do you really believe I can do it again?” asked the man with the wheelbarrow.”

“Definitely,” replied the traveler.“

“Very good, then,” said the man with the wheelbarrow. “Hop in and I will take you across.”

Many of us look at God the same way we look at the man with the wheelbarrow. We say we have faith that God can do anything. Yet, when it comes time to get in the wheelbarrow, our faith begins to dwindle.

The scriptures are full of stories of faith and trust. The blind man, Bartimaeus, had such faith in Jesus that he was given sight. Jairus’ faith resulted in the healing of his daughter and the woman, whose faith made her relentless in her pursuit to touch the hem of Jesus robe, received healing.

Are we relentless in our pursuit of Him? Or, do we stand at the edge of the canyon wishing we could get across? Having experienced so many of God’s promises, surely we can trust Him to carry us across this tightrope we call life.

Matthew 17:20