PREORDER: Journeys With The Messiah: Photos that Explore the Reality and Relevance of Jesus


PREORDER – Releases and ships December 1st, 2023
All newly designed 160 page Journeys with the Messiah book featuring color imaging for the first time.
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PREORDER NOW AND GET $10 OFF – Releases and ships December 1st, 2023
With his camera, creativity and unique story-telling skills, Michael Belk embarked on a journey to explore the modern-day relevance of the centuries-old messages of Jesus. The result is a magnificently beautiful and thought-provoking collection of fine art, Journeys with the Messiah. These compelling photographs capture 1st Century Jesus intimately interacting with 21st Century Wall Street executives, high rollers, and people of questionable character. Produced in the ancient Italian city of Matera, this one-of-a-kind photographic journey incites a fresh perspective of Jesus. It is a journey for all people of all faiths. All of the Journeys with the Messiah images (45 total) and the messages they depict are bound together in this updated edition with 60 additional pages of color images, behind the scenes photos, stories and more.