Staying Focused – Poster


Are we focused on the glorious plans God has for our lives or struggling to figure out our own?

Read the story that inspired this image below.

This custom Giclée poster print (pronounced gee-klay) is printed with archival inks on age-resistant paper and is available in three (3) standard sizes. No custom framing necessary. Available in original sepia or full color with different version from the same setting.

Each print is individually custom printed and ships within five (5) days of your order.

The story that inspired this image…

People who excel at accomplishing things are usually focused on what they want to achieve rather than how they are going to achieve it. In reality, very few people know how to accomplish their desire at the beginning of a journey. It is what they desire that guides their course.

Jesus remained focused on His mission and what His Father sent Him to do. At times, He was tired and bewildered and, in the end, frightened, as any man would be. Yet, He knew the cost of failure was unacceptable and would mean the loss of all mankind.

Are you focused on what God wants for your life or are you frozen while you try to figure out how you are going to do it?

God will never give you a dream without providing the instructions for making it come true.

Matthew 6: 25-24