Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

A light to guide our way!

Michael uses an old lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea in Italy to show the characteristics of Jesus, the Light who guides our way through dark storms and sunny days!

The story that inspired this image…

Most of us love lighthouses. We photograph them, paint pictures of them and explore them. Perhaps it is their purpose that attracts us most. They are beacons of light inviting ships in the night to a place of safe harbor, a place of calm from a storm, a place of rest for the sea-weary. They also serve to warn sailors of the dangers of a nearby coast.

Jesus said that He was “the light of the world,” and that He had come to “bring light to the darkness” and to “guide our way to the truth.” Like the lighthouse, Jesus, through His spirit and through His teachings, is available to guide us to safety, to warn us of danger and provide a safe harbor, a place of calm and rest from the storms of life.

John 9:5

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Jesus is like a lighthouse, inviting us to a safe harbor and warning us of dangers otherwise unseen.

John 9:5
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