Guide Book


The Guide Book is a companion to our Journeys with the Messiah Film Series, which is available for free on our website. Each of the Guide Book’s 34 chapters includes the original photograph, an enhanced version of the corresponding film script and a section called, “Thoughts to Ponder,” encouraging the reader to consider the key thoughts of the chapter and companion film. Designed to be used in tandem with the Film Series for individual or small group studies, it also makes a great devotional and source for pastors, teachers and leaders to create their own presentations.

We should have given you a standing ovation when we played the film R.S.V.P. in our life group. You have managed to capture God’s invitation to “the party” by creating a visual and auditory connection that takes us inside the parable in Luke 14—offering us a seat at the table. Your scene composition and lighting lets us feel our modern day reality while taking us to Biblical times when Jesus told this parable. Amazing! —Michael Morrison

The Guide book is available in hardcover or deluxe softcover. SAVE 20% with purchases of five (5) or more!

Hardcover:  $24.95 each | 5-20 $19.95 each | 21 and up $17.95 each

Deluxe Softcover:  $19.95 | 5-20 $15.95 | 21 and up $12.95

6 x 9 inch, 224 pages, 34 chapters.