In this “flagship” of the film series, Michael takes you on a fascinating journey from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Jesus to provide a practical understanding to the question, “Why do we need Jesus in our lives.” The story that inspired this image… The Garden of Eden is a story about …

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In “Compassion,” Michael uses the famous story of the “Woman at the Well” to explore the dangers of judging others especially when you haven’t “walked in their shoes!” The story that inspired this image… There is a Gospel story about Jesus traveling through the region of Samaria where He encountered a woman alone at the …

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Are you really saved? How do you know?”Salvation” explores the indications of salvation — its promises and misunderstandings and what it truly means to “be saved!” The story that inspired this image… I question the simplicity of the Christian invitation to accept the gift of salvation – “Just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior” …

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