March 2022

Last Supper

In one of the most moving films in the series, “Passover,” based on the story we call The Last Supper, reveals a beautiful Old Testament story of captivity as how it foretells the meaning of Jesus’ last supper. The story that inspired this image… On the night before His arrest, during the Passover meal that […]

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In this “flagship” of the film series, Michael takes you on a fascinating journey from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Jesus to provide a practical understanding to the question, “Why do we need Jesus in our lives.” The story that inspired this image… The Garden of Eden is a story about

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The Second Mile

In the bold image “The Second Mile,” Michael shows Jesus on a country road with a World War II German Nazi soldier as a way to depict Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness. The story that inspired this image… Where does a mother harness the strength to stand in a courtroom and forgive the man who murdered

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Michael explains “Metamorphosis,” the supernatural process of nature, to reveal an even greater supernatural process that occurs in us through Jesus. The story that inspired this image… Thinking back over my life, I reflect on many things that I wish I could take back, change, or erase. There were many days I looked into the

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Through the potter and pottery-making lessons, Michael explains God’s intentions for creating a beautiful relationship with Him. The story that inspired this image… Do you recall the vivid imagination you had as a child? Wonderment was everywhere and pleasure was found in the simplest of things. Yet, somewhere along the way, we lost our natural

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Safe Harbor

Michael uses an old lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea in Italy to show the characteristics of Jesus, the Light who guides our way through dark storms and sunny days! The story that inspired this image… Most of us love lighthouses. We photograph them, paint pictures of them and explore them. Perhaps it is their purpose

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Michael takes you behind the scenes for the making of “Denial” while he presents an interesting perspective of the famous story of Peter denying Jesus. The story that inspired this image… It is one of the most familiar stories of the Gospels: boisterous Peter telling Jesus he would not stumble as a disciple and confidently

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