December 2021

Gone Astray

Michael teams up with the prophet Isaiah to show how sheep can help us understand that the “green grass” we seek is usually where it’s watered! The story that inspired this image… A conversation with a shepherd may help us to understand why Jesus used sheep as a reference to people. Like humans, sheep are […]

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Lighten the Load

In “Lighten the Load,” Michael “unpacks” Jesus’ instructions about the amount of “baggage” we gather in life and what to do when life’s baggage is weighing you down! The story that inspired this image… Who among us is without burdens? From a delayed flight to a late mortgage payment, a term paper due on Friday

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“RSVP” reveals an invitation to the greatest party that will ever be given based on the promise and warning Jesus conveys in his “Parable of the Banquet.” The story that inspired this image… While dining at the home of a prominent Pharisee, Jesus told a parable about a man who planned a great banquet and

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The story that inspired this image… When Jesus said to His followers, “To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must come as little children,” I just assumed He meant because children were innocent. Then, reflecting back on my time as a child and times I have watched my own children or others playing, I could

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The story that inspired this image… Jesus did not come to start a religion. He came to start a revolution — a revolutionary way of living through understanding God’s plan for mankind. Jesus did not plan to usher in the Methodists or the Muslims, the Baptists or the Buddhists. Yet, during the 2000 years since

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