As For Others

Saying “I believe” something is a world apart from actually living out that belief by taking action. While teaching His disciples, Jesus confused them when He said, “Just as you gave me food when I was hungry and visited Me when I was in prison, so you have done the same for others.”
Knowing they had not done such things, His disciples asked, “When did we do this? When did we bring you food or visit you in prison?”
Jesus’ reply to them sets the example of how we are to live. “Just as you did these things for others, it is as if you have done them for Me.” His message is summarized in two simple phrases: “Love God. Love your neighbor.” And, He said that they were “alike.” In other words, you cannot do one without having done the other.
So, just saying, “I believe in human rights” or “justice for all” or “I am a Christian,” is altogether different from backing those beliefs with actions. Jesus’ message to His disciples, and to us, is that our beliefs remain hollow until we begin to “walk the talk.”
Matthew 25:35-40