The Project

Journeys with the Messiah started with the calling of one photographer that has grown to include books, a film series, and art prints.

The Heart behind the Project

Seeing Jesus through the eyes of a fashion photographer.

People usually picture Jesus as someone who lived over 2,000 years ago; so how could He possibly relate to what we’re experiencing in our lives today? The culture is so different.

The answer is, He totally can! His messages are timeless and He sure went to a lot of trouble to come to earth, live a perfect life, and die a painful and undeserved death on a Roman cross to save a bunch of broken people from eternal separation from God. Not only did He come to die for us—He came to show us how to live!

Our prayer is that you will discover Jesus at a deeper level or perhaps for the first time in these photographs, messages, and film series; and that He will open your eyes to His life as He has opened ours.

The Story behind the Project

The story began with a calling.

Photographer Michael Belk thought he knew how to live on his own own with a career that brought great worldly success and acclaim . . . enviable by many. Yet, it turned out to lack significance. That is when Jesus met Michael and forever changed his life. Now, God has called Michael to be a messenger.

It was clear that God wanted me to use Michael Belk’s camera and creativity, and combine them with his unique storytelling skills to show the relevance of Jesus and His messages in today’s modern world. Michael’s photographs show Jesus interacting with 21st century Wall Street executives, Italian fashionistas, Nazi soldiers, and normal people in an ancient city in Italy that resembles an imagined first-century Jerusalem.

After a year of planning, production began in Matera, Italy. No expense was spared. It had to be done with excellence to be worthy of the King.

When Michael and his wife agreed to triple the production budget, they didn’t know the stock and housing markets were about to collapse, eventually taking the Belk’s life savings.

The project suddenly became personal, and they began to call it “Our Journey with the Messiah”… a journey in which they would learn to trust in God’s provision since they could no longer trust in their own.

Yet, God did not need the photographs. God wanted Michael’s heart, and for Michael to know His. God has been in relentless pursuit of Michael and his affections.

Jesus said that we should count the costs before following Him. Perhaps if the Belks had known the costs beforehand, they wouldn’t have embarked on this project. Yet they trusted that, the reward of knowing God is greater than all the riches in the world.

Apostle Paul said, “All the things I once thought were so important are gone from my life compared to the high privilege of knowing Jesus.” (Philippians 3:8)

Read more about Michael and his work here.

“Fulfilling My Calling” — Michael Belk

On location in the ancient city of Matera, Italy

“God did not need my photographs.
He wanted my heart and for me to know His.”

God's not finished writing your story.

Most people do not realize that God has given a story to everyone. He began writing your story before you lived a single day and He will continue writing it until your numbered days have been exhausted. Will you share it with others?

Behind the Scenes in Italy