Last Supper

In one of the most moving films in the series, “Passover,” based on the story we call The Last Supper, reveals a beautiful Old Testament

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In this “flagship” of the film series, Michael takes you on a fascinating journey from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Jesus

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The Second Mile

In the bold image “The Second Mile,” Michael shows Jesus on a country road with a World War II German Nazi soldier as a way

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The Road Less Traveled

The “Road Less Traveled” uses Robert Frost’s hundred-year-old poem as an analogy of the road we must take if we are to follow Jesus and

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Staying Focused

In this short film based on his image “Staying Focused,” Michael takes a look at how to achieve success by following the example set by

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Michael explains “Metamorphosis,” the supernatural process of nature, to reveal an even greater supernatural process that occurs in us through Jesus. The story that inspired

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Through the potter and pottery-making lessons, Michael explains God’s intentions for creating a beautiful relationship with Him. The story that inspired this image… Do you

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The Winning Hand

How do you win even when you’ve been dealt a bad hand? Michael uses Kenny Roger’s song, “The Gambler,” to explain Jesus’ instructions for dealing

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Safe Harbor

Michael uses an old lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea in Italy to show the characteristics of Jesus, the Light who guides our way through dark

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Michael takes you behind the scenes for the making of “Denial” while he presents an interesting perspective of the famous story of Peter denying Jesus.

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May these images and messages facilitate an encounter between you and the Messiah today.