Reconciled – Fine Art


Share your faith while enhancing your home or office. Our Fine Art images are custom printed on mould-made cotton rag paper with museum-quality archival inks. Each image is offered in three sizes and signed and numbered by the artist. Prices for each image have been pre-predetermined based on the remaining number of prints in the edition. Prices increase as the editions sell out. Available in original sepia or full color with different version from the same setting.

This image also available as budget-friendly Poster Print

The story that inspired this image…

The Garden of Eden is a story about “choice” – our choice to either live in eternity with God or eventually die…forever! It is a story about God’s magnificent plan versus the human desire to be in control – believing we can create an even better plan. For us, as it was for Adam and Eve, this is arrogant! It lacks in humility and it separates us – for eternity – from God, as we turn from His plan of righteous living to follow our own.

Since the gift of eternal life comes only from God, turning away from Him guarantees our eternal death.

The Old Testament tells of the sacrifices (giving up something of great value) that people offered to God in seeking forgiveness of their sins – breaking God’s moral laws. Yet, we have nothing worthy of sacrifice, nothing that can pay the price for breaking His laws.

Can this ever be reconciled? Yes, but not through anything we can do on our own. God knows we are helpless to save ourselves. And, yet, He loves us so much that, rather than see us die, He paid the price for our sins by sacrificing that which was of most value to Him – His Son, Jesus.

Wow! You’ve really got to love someone to give up your child for them!

Now, whoever turns back to God by accepting Jesus, not just as their Savior, but also as the Lord of their life, will be reconciled back to God to receive His gift of eternal life.

John 3:16