Salvation – Poster


God knows the difference between a confession of the lips and a confession of the heart.

Read the story that inspired this image below.

This custom Giclée poster print (pronounced gee-klay) is printed with archival inks on age-resistant paper and is available in three (3) standard sizes. No custom framing necessary.

Each print is individually custom printed and ships within five (5) days of your order.

The story that inspired this image…

I question the simplicity of the Christian invitation to accept the gift of salvation – “Just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior” and you will have it all – redemption from sin and a seat in Heaven.

Please do not misunderstand my intentions — I actually do believe the acceptance of His gift can be that simple. However, allowing Jesus to be the true Lord of your life is about “a new way of life,” not just a means to avoid a date with Hell.

Throughout Jesus’ teachings, He tells us about the commitment we must make and the difficulty there is in following Him. He talks about “choosing between two masters: Him or money and possessions and about the “narrow gate” we must pass through. He states that, “he who endures to the end will be the one who is saved.” It sounds like there may be more to this salvation thing than just a simple “Yes.”

There are times when I feel we short-sell the coveted gift of God’s grace as a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card. How many people do we see whose actions seem to say, “Now that I have accepted Jesus, I can get on back to the party.” Then, they go on living their lives as if nothing has changed?

God is not fooled, for surely He does not take the death of His Son so lightly! He knows the difference between a confession of the lips and a confession of the heart!

Romans 10:9